Elkas Friends

Family run Luxury Boarding Kennels
Bradwell on Sea, Essex

Daily Care

Your dog will be exercised 3 times per day.  This will include at least one farmland walk plus off lead activities in our well fenced dog play paddock.  We also make trips to the nearby beach.

We cater to your dogs individual feeding requirements and carry most premium brand wet and dried foods  in stock, including those for a BARF diet but are happy to order in your particular food of choice if necessary.  Your dog will only be fed quantities you specify to fit in with his usual feeding routine.  Occasional treats are given during the day and at bedtime!

Routine grooming is carried out at no charge but we can also have you dog bathed, professionally groomed or clipped ready for your return.

Day Care

If you have a day out planned or are working long hours we can look after your dog for the day.  We operate flexible opening hours to fit in with work or other commitments.